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How To Use Modeling Tools for Leather

Modeling tools are handy and versatile tools that are a must for your leather crafting station. Realeather sells two different modeling tools, each with two different tips. One tool has a stylus and pointed spoon end. The other has a rounded spoon end and a blade end. Here are just a few different ways these tools can be used. 

1. Stylus end: Use the stylus end to transfer patterns, scribe guidelines, and to add accents to tooled designs. 

2. Spoon Ends: These are used to shape and form/mold a carved line, smooth edges, round shapes and create emboss designs. They are also incredibly useful to help with lacing and adjusting the stitches. To emboss, use the rounded spoon to push-out (emboss) the design from the back side of your project. The spoon ends make it easy to slide the tool into tight stitching, to help loose or straighten. See the examples below: 

3. Flat Blade End: These can be used to open and straighten seams. To create, lift, fold, and crease leather edges as well. The flat blade end can also be used to mold and smooth veg-tan leather projects. 


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