Basic Leathercraft Tooling: Step-by-Step

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Step-by-Step Tooling Guide for Leathercraft


The basic principles of tooling are the same. First, transfer the tooled patter to your leather, make the initial swivel knife cuts, and then start layering your design using various stamping tools. It's the details provided by the individual stamps and the layering of these on top of each other that creates rich, detailed designs on your projects. In the provided PDF, we have created a simple guide to using basic leathercraft tools and stamps to create tooled patterns. This is a sample flower pattern that shows the proper order to use stamps in. 

Tools included in this pattern are the T8170 Basic Tooling Set with Swivel Knife and T1101-00 Modeler/Stylus

 Download the Basic Tooling Steps for Leathercraft guide and get started! 


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