Why Would Someone Want to Work With Leather?

Leather’s durability offers unparalleled value for handmade goods that can last for years, perhaps even generations. The projects that are made with leather often have special meaning and the natural resilience of leather can result in these pieces being shared or passed down, becoming heirlooms. A natural material, the leather itself develops a character of its own over time, making each piece unique, telling a story of those who have used it.

Want to Learn More About Leather?

Different Types of Leather - Leathers come in a variety of different thicknesses and finishes, all which are uniquely suited for a spectrum of different types of projects. This variety offers a lot of flexibility for the modern maker, but what leather should you use?

Different Types of Leather Lace - Leather craft lace can be used for braiding, assembly, jewelry, or accents on other projects. With the ability to choose between a multitude of colors in a variety of different lace types, there are several things to consider such as strength, suppleness, and price point.

Real leather vs. Faux Leather - For those who are environmentally conscious, leather is a renewable resource. Cattle feed us, but also reproduce themselves. Leather is a natural product that is durable and would otherwise be replaced by a synthetic alternative produced in a factory.

Starting in Leathercraft - When getting started, there are some basic supplies and tools that are helpful to have to learn leather stamping, carving, finishing, and assembly. This helpful guide written by Tony Liar reviews setting up your workspace, common household items helpful to have in your shop, and some of the basic tools to set you up for success.

Beginner Tooling Tips - Many makers start their journey with leatherworking by stamping a traditional Western floral design. Even if that’s not your aesthetic, these patterns typically feature the techniques to use the fundamental set of tools and serve as a great learning exercise to get started.

Tips for Cutting Leather with Lasers or Cutting Machines - With the rise in popularity and availability of laser cutters and cutting machines, we’ve assembled a few tips that makers might find helpful when using leathers with this newer technology.