Veg-Tan Double Shoulders

Size: 4-5 oz.


This unfinished cowhide double shoulder has been produced for craftsmen who can stamp, carve, mold, dye, and finish for a variety of projects. You may find scratches, scars, wrinkles, and color variations that add to the natural beauty of the hide.

These characteristics are an assurance that you will be working with real leather and can be incorporated into the good looks and durability that comes from genuine handmade leather products. The 4-5 oz. weight is suited for small leather goods, carved pictures, purses, cases, lightweight straps, and more.

This is an irregular-shaped piece of leather, each piece is roughly 8-11 square feet, but all vary in their individual dimensions.

SKU Numbers

  • 4-5 oz. : LRSS 0405
  • 7-8 oz. : LRSS 0708