Button Studs

Count: 10/pk
Color: Nickel


A very popular secure closure for flaps on bags, cases, straps, bracelets, and more. Punch a hole, and insert the screw through leather from the backside into the button stud on the surface. Cut and punch a keyhole slot in your leather and push the stud through. It is fast and easy! Available in one size, 5 mm, in either Nickel, Antique Nickel, and Antique Brass plate.

Size: 5 mm

Colors: Antique Brass, Nickel, or Antique Nickel

SKU Numbers

  • 10/pk : BSTD-10
  • 10/pk : BSTD-12
  • 4/pk : BSTD-40
  • 4/pk : BSTD-41
  • 4/pk : BSTD-42