Teardrop Earrings Blanks

Color: Gold/Bronze


These leather teardrop earring blanks make designing your own jewelry simple and easy. Each package contains two separate types of leathers, with complementary patterns, textures or colors with a total of four individual pieces. Both are lightweight, flexible, and come pre-punched with a hole at the top. They provide endless possibilities for creating your own unique jewelry by mix-and-matching, using it independently, or adding embellishments to the leather shapes.


SKU Numbers

  • Gold/Bronze : C4807-04
  • Black/Silver Crackle : C4807-11
  • Brown/Gold Crackle : C4807-12
  • Tan/Antimony Crackle : C4807-13
  • Pink/Antimony Crackle : C4807-15
  • Turquoise/Medium Brown : C4807-16
  • Black/Pewter : C4807-21
  • Black/Silver : C4807-22
  • Chocolate/Gold Crackle : C4807-23
  • Brown/Bronze : C4807-24
  • Red/Natural Acanthus : C4807-25